Media Intelligence

Are you an advertiser/media owner in Africa? You probably don’t have the data you need. Effective media buying is a critical performance area for leading marketers. YET... There is a lack of independent, reliable and timeous data in many African markets. 


Dashboard address this with multiple innovative methodologies:

Mobile me©: Our opt-in mobile app comprehensively tracks all aspects of panelists mobile behaviours, together with website and app usage. Combined with survey data this can give unparalleled depth and accuracy to customer surveys.

Pinpoint© is an innovative syndicated media study.

For TV and Radio it provides:

  • Day of week / time of day audience by channel

  • Past 7 day’s audience measures and profiles

Pinpoint© also includes detailed social media usage and information on newspaper readership.

Crowd-sourced Out of Home Audits enables you to monitor the execution of your outdoor campaigns in their competitive context.

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