Offer Optimisation

Optimisation of your brand and innovation portfolio requires not only a deep insight into your category, but also a rich understanding of how brands work and what will work for your business.We have extensive experience working with Africa’s top marketers to develop foundations for their growth ambitions.

Some of our approaches:

BrandPlanner©: Optimises brand portfolios. A carefully facilitated approach using the data that you have available, and fresh new insight where required.

NaviGate©: Market segmentation and database tagging - a multi-dimensional tool.


  • Volume projections and optimum price point for your new product development

  • Provides clear guidelines from potential consumers on how to maximize demand.


  • 360º measure of return on marketing investment (ROI).

  • This powerful and all-encompassing tool assesses the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

  • Simple and easy to implement, with sophisticated outputs. 

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