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We are a market research and strategy business.

We customise research and analysis services for a full range of marketing intelligence needs.

  • Brand Tracking
    Customised brand tracking provides powerful matrices and clear direction for brand custodians.
    Used in 20 countries all over Africa and Middle-East.


    BrandPower© measures current performance, and shows how it can be improved. Simple dashboards allow you to view your brand health at a glance yet quickly dig deeper when more detail is required.

    Brand Tracking

    • For consumer and B2B brands
    • Ideal for a consolidated multi-category or multi-country view, with customised reports for each market
    • Can be made available online or in presentations /worksheets
    • Currently employed in 20 countries in Africa and Middle-East


  • Customer Experience Assessment
    Award winning approaches to assessing your customer experience.



    Custometer© is a high tech and up-close way to monitor your customers’ experience of your brand.

    • Multi-channel techniques integrated into a single view – (telephonic, IVR, USSD, mobile web, online and face-to-face)
    • Minimise customer inconvenience and maximise insight
    • Extremely cost effective
    • Nearly half a million assessments conducted to date


  • Media Intelligence
    If you are an advertiser or media owner in Africa...


      • Effective media buying is a critical performance area for leading marketers.
      • YET .... there is a lack of independent, reliable and timeous media data in many African markets.

    Dashboard address this with two innovative methodologies: 


    A - Pinpoint© is an innovative syndicated media study.

          • For TV and Radio it provides:
            • day of week / time of day audience by channel
            • past 7 days audience measures and profiles

    Pinpoint© also includes detailed social media usage and information on newspaper readership.


    B - Ensure you get what you paid for with our Out of Home Audits. Enables you to monitor the execution of your outdoor campaigns.

    Out of home media

    • Sites are visited and assessed by our auditors.
    • Comprehensive online report – including detailed site and installation diagnostics.
    • Photographs and detailed maps.




  • Offer Optimisation
    Optimisation of your brand and innovation portfolio requires not only a deep insight into your category, but also a rich understanding of how brands work and what will work for your business.

    Offer optimazation


    • We have extensive experience working with Africa’s top marketers to develop foundations for their growth ambitions.




    Some of our approaches: 

    A- BrandPlanner©: A carefully facilitated approach using the data that you have available, and fresh new insight where required. 

    B - NaviGate©: Market segmentation and database tagging - a multi-dimensional tool. 

    C - DemandGuage©:  

    • Volume projections and optimum price point for your new product.
    • Provides clear guidelines from potential consumers on how to maximize demand.

    D - PowerBand©:

    • 360’ measure of return on marketing investment (ROI).
    • This powerful and all encompassing tool assesses the effectiveness of your marketing activities.
    • Simple and easy to implement, with sophisticated outputs.

About Us


Dashboard was founded in 2004 on the idea that we could combine significant experience in traditional research methodology with the latest in technology to provide clients with information that is fast, accurate and accessible.

We take pride in every project that we have done. Our business and our projects are owner-managed - and in this way we are able to guarantee the quality and integrity of all our work.

Systems and technology have been key growth enablers for us, but we recognise that the quality of our insight and the level of service we offer are ultimately what sets us apart.

We specialise in developing markets, and our main focus is Africa and the Middle East. We do however lead and run projects across the globe.

In South Africa we are classified as a Value Adding supplier with level 3 BBBEE status and 110% recognition.

Meet our team

Managing Partner

Justin Schwellnus is a marketing strategist, who has guided thinking for some of Africa's top marketing companies.

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Justin Schwellnus

Managing Partner

Peter Searll is an award winning pioneer of mobile based market research in Southern Africa.

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Peter Searll

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Dashboard Marketing Intelligence

Studio C11, Mainstream Centre, Hout Bay

Cape Town, 7806

Phone : +27 (0)21 790 1801

Fax : +27 (0)21 790 8573

email :info@dashboard.co.za

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